with Amy Suo Wu 12/10 Thurs.

Turn on The Invisible Layers is an off-site, interactive. exhibition that showcases Amy Suo Wu’s steganographic approach to research, reflect, and comment on surveillance and privacy in the default majority position. The exhibition emphasizes the idea of existing, but being ignored and underrepresented. Featuring 10 of Amy’s works, which cover topics around top-down surveillance powers and the process of discovering self-identity. The show is produced by 5 graphic design students from California College of the Arts who have culturally diverse backgrounds. The show aims to harmonize the student’s lens and Amy’s experience.

Amy Suo Wu was born in China, grew up in Australia, and lives in The Netherlands as an artist, designer, and teacher. Amy has always been interested in tactics and strategies to circumvent and bypass the system. In 2015, Amy started her steganographic research as a technical political inquiry in The Netherlands. Thinking through how low-tech communication – specifically analog steganography – offers more privacy and safety under high-tech surveillance powers. However, the research’s focus gradually shifted to invisibility tactics used by modularized culture after a residency in China, and Amy began to see how steganography could encompass a more multifaceted dialog.

Along with the research focus’ shift, Amy also found out her identity as an Asian woman affected by trauma and cultural stimulation in a majority society and understood why she was so attracted to steganography. She describes the research as the process peeling layers of herself. Turn on The Invisible Layers reflects both Amy’s technical research and her internal mending throughout her projects.

A Media Archeology of Steganography
Where: Kulturni Centar Požega, Serbia
When: 2015
Category: poster, installation, performance, exhibition
Photos by Maja Medic and Amy
The Choice of A Translator
Where: I:projectspace, Beijing, China
When: 22nd May 2017
Medium: publication
A Cookbook for Invisible Writing
Where: Rotterdam, Netherlands
When: 2019
Category: writing, publication
Written, designed and illustrated by Amy.
Edited by Clementine Edwards
Realised in collaboration with the research center of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
Thunderclap at Artspace
Where: Artspace Ideas Platform, Sydney
When: 22 February—10 March, 2019
Category: installation exhibition, zine publication, participatory, textile, fashion